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Re: problems with 3.0 format

On Sun, 28 Mar 2010, Bernhard R. Link wrote:
> I don't think that this would be very useful. VCS usage can vary quite a
> bit and more often then not will not contain any usefull information.
> (like some branch just always merged with the upstreams has not much
> information except the diff to the unmodified version).

Huh? For the same reason that it's good to standardize on one patch
system, I think it would be good to promote a small set of sane VCS-based
workflows so that people don't have to evaluate all external
*-buildpackage helpers and their associated workflows when they want to
start using a VCS for package maintenance.

That said, we're still in the experimentation stage when it comes to VCS
and package maintenance so it might be a bit early to integrate it in
dpkg-dev. But there's no reason we couldn't experiment in dpkg-dev itself,
provided that we make it clear that things might change in incompatible

> Back to how dpkg-source can help: What I'm missing (don't know if this
> is a feature request or a request for better documentation) is some
> option to tell dpkg-source (ideally in a way that is already passed down
> from dpkg-buildpackage) that in case of a "3.0 (quilt)" package no new
> patch should be created but if there are changes not yet recorded in
> debian/patches it should abort with an error.

There's no such option currently. But you can pass arbitrary options to
dpkg-source from dpkg-buildpackage since 1.15.6.

Feel free to submit a wishlist bugreport for this. But I expect that
the easiest to implement will be to fail if
debian/patches/debian-changes-<ver> is about to be created.

> And it would be nice if .gitattributes would be ignored like .gitignore.

Committed to git.

> And if it would not include debian/.git-dpm into the debian.tar.gz by default,
> too.

Hum, I'm more reluctant for this one. I suggest you put “tar-ignore =
"debian/.git-dpm"” in debian/source/options.

Raphaël Hertzog

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