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Next upload 2010-03-10 (dpkg 1.15.6)


Ok, this one has been sitting here for too long already, so let's try
to target the release for the 10th, short notice but I should have
sent this a week ago already, and as we are going for experimental
it should be fine.

Stuff I still want to get done prior to the upload:

  * Push the db directory sync patch.
  * Check the perl modules now marked with version 1.00, probably they
    are all fine but ISTR from when I skimmed over the patch, I
    thought some might still better be marked as 0.01.
  * Decide on the powerpc spu architecture bug report.
  * We should probably include latest Jonathan's Dpkg::Deps patch.
  * Write the announcement for d-d-a.

Raphaël, anything else missing from your side?


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