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Re: dpkg-checkbuilddeps to generate a frontend friendly package list

]] George Danchev 

| I now realize I missed to have a look at the comment given in #214566, which 
| basically asks for:
| "a way to handle or'ed build-dependencies in a useful way". 
| Well, I guess there is a useful way to handle OR'ed build-deps if we
| engage the package/versions availability machinery (via AptPkg) which
| would conveniently add sensible means to take a safe course of
| action. Having these available, we can simplify OR'ed (and versioned)
| build-deps handling to:
| "pick the first package version satisfying the given relation which is
| also *available*"
| Otherwise, we might pick OR'ed build-dependency which is unavailable,
| and ditch alternative(s) which are actually available.
| Actually do what we have been asked for. If anyone finds any design
| flaw with that, please let me know ;-) That is also fairly trivial to
| implement, the hard part is the sound design.

AFAIK, sbuild will just pick the first one in the list, whether it's
available or not.  There is some value in using the same algorithm as


| > I think this is fine.  It solves 95% of the cases people are interested
| > in.
| If we can have 100% on board, why not just have it. I guess I just need to sit 
| down and add code to address OR'ed build-deps
| (will do that, this weekend, eventually)

Because you add overhead for everybody if you start loading the package
lists for each invocation of dpkg-checkbuilddeps.  This isn't so much of
a problem on amd64 and other fast arches as it is on slow arches like
mipsel or avr32.

| > | 2) Introduce a separate tool in a separate source/binary package which
| > | could then depends on whatever is needed.
| > 
| > If so, there's misc stuff in pbuilder which does this already.  I'd
| > rather have dpkg-checkbuilddeps spit out and apt-gettable line.
| That stuff is trying to install a dummy package with build-depends listed as 
| depens. That is fine for chroots, by I don't want my main system to track such 
| dummy packages ;-) Actually I don't want to install anything, but to spit a 
| sensible list of requested build-depens and -conflits.

No, pbuilder-satisfydepends-classic does not use a dummy package.

Tollef Fog Heen
UNIX is user friendly, it's just picky about who its friends are

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