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Re: How to update Debian repository not connected to internet ?

Jarek <jarek@poczta.srv.pl> writes:

> Hi all!
> 	Is there any way to transfer repository updates to system not connected
> to internet ?
> 	I need to keep up to date repository in my system, but I can transfer
> updates only with CD-R/DVD-R.

If you know a little bit perl you can modify debmirror for this (or
file a wishlist bug). Instead of downloading make it print what it
wants to download into a script and then wget/curl those files where
you do have access.

Alternatively you could modify reprepro.

Both would work best if you have a little internet access to at least
update the Packages.gz files. Otherwise you will allways need 2 round
trips, one for Packages.gz, the other for debs.

If you only want to update a system there is also apt-zip. You can
probably run apt-zip on multiple systems and combine the output too.


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