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Re: RFC: dpkg-conffile cmdline interface draft

sean finney <seanius@debian.org> writes:

> okay, before i do any proper coding on a cmdline utility, i thought we
> should work out the details of the cmdline interface.  this is an initial
> draft of what i was thinking, comments requested :)
> 	sean
> 	dpkg-conffile - inspect status and conttents of conffiles
> 	dpkg-conffile is a program designed to inspect and report on
> 	the status of conffiles provided by packages that have been
> 	installed on the system.  It can be used to inspect the status
> 	on individual files, packages, or system wide.
> 	dpkg-conffile [options] <action> <args>
> 	--admindir dir
> 		Change  default  administrative directory, which contains
> 		many  files  that  give  information  about   status   of
> 		installed  or  uninstalled  packages,  etc.  (Defaults to
> 		/var/lib/dpkg)
> 	-r, --recursive
> 		Used in combination with some commands to activate
> 		recursive behavior for matching conffile_paths.
> 	-o, --orig conffile_path
> 		Output the package's original version of the conffile.
> 	-d, --diff conffile_path
> 		Show the delta between the package's original version of
> 		the conffile and the currently installed conffile.  The
> 		return value is that of the underlying call to diff(1).

In the thread to your patch series for conffile tracking I saw
mentioned that you have:

- current conffile
- old orig conffile
- new orig conffile
- last successfully installed conffile

Shouldn't one be able to get diffs between basically any 2 of them as
far as they exist at the time?


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