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Re: md5sum'ing a string buffer: questions regarding buffer code


On Thu, 2009-09-24 at 09:11:24 +0200, sean finney wrote:
> previously, i had this function to create the md5sum of a filename:
> /* calculate the md5sum of the contents of the null-terminated string input 
>  * putting the result in output, which will be allocated with memory to
>  * store the result.  your job to free it later.
>  */
> static void conff_md5sum_str(const char *input, char **output){
> }
> but this "proc" member has disappeared during the refactoring/move
> of the buffer code.  this leaves me with only the existing macros for
> dealing with buffers, and none of the existing macros seem to support using a
> pointer-to-memory at the source end.
> i can think up two solutions off the top of my head, and i'm wondering
> what you think:
>  * pipe() an fd pair and write filename into it, and then call fd_md5().
>    seems like a hack, but if it worked it would avoid requiring changes to
>    the buffer code (i don't know if the buffer code makes any assumptions
>    about the fd that this might break though).
>  * define a new BUFFER_READ_BUF value and then modify the buffer routines
>    to support this value with a memcpy from the source pointer.  more general
>    but it's not clear that it'd be generally useful.
> what would you suggest?  it's also possible that i'm missing some other way
> to do this (ideally not manually), so i'd appreciate to know that as well :)

As adding a BUFFER_READ_BUF would have implied copying the contents of
the buffer around more than need, I've now created a new buffer_hash
function and the corresponding buffer_md5 macro. Take into account
BUFFER_WRITE_MD5 no longer allocates a buffer for you.

I'm still not happy with the buffer API though, and will be reworking it
in the future, probably by also combining the compression API into it.


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