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Failed to install libmysql library for MYSQL client

I am using TS-7300 board having Debain Linux3.0 distribution and Installed mysql client but when trying to
install library for mysql client using apt-get install libmysqlclient15-dev its
not working.
root@ts7300:apt-get install libmysqlclient15-dev
Reading package lists...Done
Building dependancy tree... Done
you might want to run 'apt-get -f install' to correct these:
The following packages have unmet dependencies:
binutils:Depends:Lib6(>=2.7-1) but 2.3.6.ds1-13etch4 is to be installed
libc6:Depends:tzdata but it is not going to be installed
libc6-dev:Depend:libc6(=2.7-18) but 2.3.6.ds1-13etch4 is to be installed
libmysqlclient15-dev:Depend:libmysqlclient15off (>=5.0.51a-24+lenny2)but
5.0.32-7etch3 is to be installed
Depend :libc6(>=2.7-1) but 2.3.6.ds1-13etch4 is to be installed
E:Unmet dependencies.Try 'apt-get -f install' with no packages.
Tried 'apt-get -f install' ,not working.
Kernel 2.4.26-ts11
source.list :deb ftp://ftp.us.debain.org/debain stable main contrib non-free

Please suggest me upon this.Will I need to changes in sources list file????

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