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Next upload 2009-09-03 (dpkg 1.15.4)

[ CCing debian-release for the install-info transition part. ]


Ok, long time since last upload, and lots of changes have piled up since,
time for an upload. There's the normal assortment of refactoring, bug
fixes, some new features including the first changes needed for
multiarch, and our side of the install-info transition (see below).

There's few changes I still want to include related to the merge-back
roadmap and multiarch (invoke hooks, query control path interface, etc).
I'll be committing those tomorrow or so.

install-info transition

The major blocker for the upload has been the install-info transition,
with the info-browser providing packages needing fixes and uploads (big
thanks to Norbert and Raphaël :). Which are now all in unstable, but not
all have transitioned to testing (konqueror and xemacs21-support).

I was expecting those to transition faster, and so my initial idea was
to be on the safe side and wait for those transitions before uploading
dpkg, as I didn't want to create a monster transition, via packages
depending on the new dpkg to use new features (f.ex.), and dpkg Breaking
all old info-browsers. But as Raphaël pointed out, that's not really
probable, so I guess it should be safe to go ahead.

Another concern I had was if britney considers the alternatives branches
on dependencies, for the “dpkg (>= 1.15.4) | install-info” case, but
I'm guessing that's handled correctly anyway. So if the release-team
does not see any problem and asks otherwise, we'll proceed with the
upload as planned for this Thursday.


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