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Re: Why is dpkg.log root-only?

Daniel Burrows <dburrows@debian.org> (03/05/2009):
>   I was wondering, is there a specific security reason that this
> information is hidden from non-root users?  If there is, I should
> probably consider doing the same thing in aptitude.  But it would
> really suck if users couldn't pull up this very useful information
> unless they were running aptitude as root.

Your Subject isn't exactly appropriate. dpkg.log is root:adm. Which
leads to the following:
| -(cyril@talisker pts/4)-(~/hack/various/dpkg.git)
| $ git log -Sroot:adm
| commit 3cdfe225ab9b72cc7cb019fa8d8c81cd72d6ea52
| Author: Guillem Jover <guillem@debian.org>
| Date:   Sun Jan 4 18:45:14 2009 +0200
|     Make dpkg log files user readable
|     Closes: #480556

Happy reading.


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