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Why is dpkg.log root-only?

  As you might know, I'm looking into improving aptitude's facilities
for tracking and displaying the history of what's been done with a
package.  Obviously, part of this is the dpkg history of the package,
so I thought maybe I could parse dpkg.log to extract that information.
But aptitude is often run as a non-root user, and I noticed this:

daniel@emurlahn:~$ less /var/log/dpkg.log
/var/log/dpkg.log: Permission denied

  I was wondering, is there a specific security reason that this
information is hidden from non-root users?  If there is, I should
probably consider doing the same thing in aptitude.  But it would
really suck if users couldn't pull up this very useful information
unless they were running aptitude as root.


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