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Re: Test suites after build and Build-Depends.

Hi again,

>> At the beginning I thought that skipping the depandancy needed for build-time
>> tests was a logical extension, but now we all agree that it is useless. For the
>> factorisation of the package list between Depends and Build-Depends, I will
>> solve this in my packages with a dpkg substvar,
>> such as $(depends:libfoo-bar-perl} for Foo::Bar. It seems that it is
>> trivial to pass through dh_gencontrol.

>Substvars don't work for Build-Depends, I'm afraid.

Well, according to the Policy sections 5.2 and 4.10, it (should ? must?) work.
In reality, it is an endangered mechanism, as it was deprecated in January
2008. Would it be possible to un-deprecate it? If there is some programmation
needed, would a patch be welcome?

Then a second problem is that, whatever dpkg-source does, there is always a
parser that is ran before and that will complain against the substvar. But it
should be easy to desensitize it to substvars, which would restore compliance
with our Policy.

Have a nice day

Charles Plessy
Tsurumi, Kanagawa, Japan

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