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New unit and functional test suites


Some days ago I committed the beginnings of a C unit test suite (I was
not really satisfied with any of the existing frameworks), and will be
working on making it more thorough, by continuing to refactor the code
and making it unit testable.

I've also created a new (private) repo for dpkg functional testing,
including mostly packages to be built directly with «dpkg-deb -b».


This is work in progress, to experiment with possible frameworks and
mainly to start collecting test cases. Also due to the requisites of
testing installation and removal of packages (need for root and ideally
a debootstrapped chroot, at least), which are better handled at release
time instead of build time, I think it's better off in a separate repo
for now.

The functional tests that do not need package installation/removal could
be moved to the dpkg.git repo, though. For these kind of test I've been
thinking about using autotest (autom4te) as it's well integrated with
automake, and if needed to write a small support shell library to be
used in combination with automake test functionality to avoid increasing
significantly the needed build dependencies.

Something that would make it easier to write and maintain the pkg test
cases would be to have all the DEBIAN contents in a single control file
(there's an example in the repo), a la equivs or spec-like form. Such
tool would also be a nice way to "merge back" equivs into dpkg.


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