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Re: Transition to GNU's install-info

Hi all,

On Do, 22 Mai 2008, Sven Joachim wrote:
> >From the texinfo NEWS file and the output of the respective
> `install-info --help' commands, I get the impression that all options of
> dpkg's install-info are supported in texinfo's install-info as of

Yes they are.

> - create a separate install-info package from the texinfo source that
>   Replaces: dpkg (< 1.15.0)
> - remove {cleanup,install}-info files from dpkg and let dpkg 1.15.x
>   pre-depend on install-info
> But another question is: what exactly do we want from install-info?
> Reading the threads from May 2006, there seems to be no consensus.  Some
> people want a database and recreate the dir file from that, like it's
> done for the Debian menu, and GNU's install-info is probably unsuitable
> for that.


> Another feature that would be very desirable is triggers support.  In
> the long run, install-info should probably not be Priority: Required, as
> it's only useful if a package providing info-browser is installed.

Right. So the install-info package should declare an interest in
/usr/share/info and call the necessary stuff.

There is a long transition plan in the svn repository but looking at the
triggers I believe that we can shorten all that to:
- new install-info packages (as above) with interest in /usr/share/info
- a script the regenerates the dir file from all the info files present
  when begin triggered
- an update to dh_installinfo to do *nothing* but dropping the files
  into /usr/share/info

Now, there is only one problem. I am short on time and overloaded with
TeX Live work. The Debian TeX Group is rather short on man power ATM,
and I have enough to do there.

Unfortunately, Josip from whom I took over the package at some point and
who declared interest in helping, never continued, still hoping (hint
hint ;-)))

On Mo, 17 Mär 2008, preining wrote:
> > I was on an extended hiatus at the time you took over. I'm pretty much back
> > these days, and if you wish to put pressure on me to do some work, feel free
> > to put me back into the Uploaders: field :)
> So if you want to help, which would be greatly appreciated, there are
> some things which would need serious thinking and preparation, nothing
> overly complicated: The install-info transition. Most Debian i-i options
> are already implemented in the prerelease version of texinfo (currently
> 4.9.94). There is a transition plan in the svn repository, but we need
> someone to take a few hours/days time to think about it.

I am fine with anyone investing some work, sending me patches, or even
commiting stuff to the svn repository, I will give write permissions
(and as long as you don't hack around in the other stuff like texlive
which is very fragile ...).

Best wishes


Dr. Norbert Preining <preining@logic.at>        Vienna University of Technology
Debian Developer <preining@debian.org>                         Debian TeX Group
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