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Re: Transition to GNU's install-info (was: Removing cleanup-info)

On Do, 22 Mai 2008, Raphael Hertzog wrote:
> Ack. But install-info has many options and you can't convey any
> information with a file based trigger. So it will only work if all
> info files can be "installed" without requiring specific parameters.

I once did a check of all the install-info calls in Debian/sid and most
were just created by dh_installinfo, so without any special options.
Only emacs and maybe 3-5 other packages did something special. So I
guess we can leave *these* packages to fix the entries in the info file
itself instead of changing the title etc in the install-info call.

> Also the trigger script has to find out alone which files is
> new/updated/removed. So it requires a bit of work.

Well, the idea was that the dir file is recreated every time. That would
not need any special thing.

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