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Re: Transition to GNU's install-info (was: Removing cleanup-info)

On Thu, 22 May 2008, Sven Joachim wrote:
> >From the texinfo NEWS file and the output of the respective
> `install-info --help' commands, I get the impression that all options of
> dpkg's install-info are supported in texinfo's install-info as of
> version 4.12 (which is not packaged for Debian yet).  So, in principle
> it would be possible to switch to GNU's install-info now¹ with the
> following steps:
> - create a separate install-info package from the texinfo source that
>   Replaces: dpkg (< 1.15.0)
> - remove {cleanup,install}-info files from dpkg and let dpkg 1.15.x
>   pre-depend on install-info
> But another question is: what exactly do we want from install-info?
> Reading the threads from May 2006, there seems to be no consensus.  Some
> people want a database and recreate the dir file from that, like it's
> done for the Debian menu, and GNU's install-info is probably unsuitable
> for that.

I don't know the details to be able to judge properly, but from here it
looks fine. :)

> Another feature that would be very desirable is triggers support.  In
> the long run, install-info should probably not be Priority: Required, as
> it's only useful if a package providing info-browser is installed.

Ack. But install-info has many options and you can't convey any
information with a file based trigger. So it will only work if all
info files can be "installed" without requiring specific parameters.

Also the trigger script has to find out alone which files is
new/updated/removed. So it requires a bit of work.

Raphaël Hertzog

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