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Re: Next version plans: string freeze?


On Tue, 2008-04-01 at 13:29:29 +0100, Peter Karlsson wrote:
> Christian Perrier:
> > More seriously, I would appreciate if someone could write a small
> > README on "how to easily update PO(T) files from the repository",
> > without going though all the painful process of whatever magic is
> > done when building the package.
> I have tried to gather such information from messages posted here on
> the list when I have asked. I have a couple of scripts in my local tree
> that helps me with the Swedish PO files. Please note that updating .po
> files includes updating the .pot (but I usually just skip checking that
> in, resetting it back to whatever is on master).

Yes, the easiest is probably:

  $ git clean -d -X -f
  $ autoreconf -f -i
  $ configure

and to regenerate the .pot and .po files doing:

  $ make -C po update-po
  $ make -C dselect/po update-po
  $ make -C scripts/po update-po
  $ make -C man update-po

I'll add this later to the README in the tree.

> * po/svupdate:
> #!/bin/sh
> make dpkg.pot-update sv.po-update
> * scripts/po/svupdate:
> #!/bin/sh
> make dpkg-dev.pot-update sv.po-update
> (I believe the same works for dselect/po, but that is such a stable
> target that I haven't bothered)


> * man/po/manpagepoupdate.txt:
> For the man pages 'make man.stamp', which I should probably unify with
> the rest to use the same form.

Frank added an update-po target for that one some time ago.

> I also have a simple script in the top-level that gives me my current
> statistics (again, for Swedish only):
> #!/bin/sh
> for pofile in $(find . -name sv.po); do
>   echo -n "$pofile: "
>   msgfmt -o /dev/null -vvv $pofile
> done

Maybe safer to use --statistics, in case the output of the verbose
option changes.


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