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conffile managing and automatic merging, redux

hey everyone,

(btw i'm subscribed to the list now, so feel free to stop cc'ing me)

i've summarized things up a bit here:


like i say in the wiki page, the only real big question at this point is 
which "format" to use, i.e. <conffdb>/package/<hash> vs. 

i think i'm once again leaning back towards the path-based implementation, as 
the only real drawback to it (besides needing to implement a mkdir -p or call 
it via system()) is that filenames are limited to PATH_MAX-strlen(conffdbdir) 
or so. 

given that currently there are other factors at play limiting this (like if a 
user builds a package in /home/user then you have to subtract that from 
PATH_MAX too), i think just adding a few checks and ensuring a graceful 
fallback behaviour would be sufficient.

anyway, i re-merged in my local repo from the latest dpkg version, and there 
didn't seem to be any major conflicts post-trigger-merging (just a few parts 
that needed sorting out manually), but as i say in the page i'm suspicious 
that i'm not doing things right with symlinks and need to spend a bit looking 
at that.  so it's a matter of resolving that potential issue and deciding on 
the question above (and making any necessary changes to accomodate it).

questions?  comments?  feel free to post here and/or the page above.


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