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Re: Negotiation ?

Otavio Salvador writes ("Re: Negotiation ?"):
> Ian Jackson <ian@davenant.greenend.org.uk> writes:
> > Do we have any basis for negotiation ?  Is there anything that you
> > guys are willing to concede ?
> Did you even think about _you_ concede?

I had a very long discussion with Raphael where I feel I conceded
several things that seemed important to Raphael.  For example,
 21:20 <Diziet> Even if we disagree about whether the rebase is really 
		necessary, I'm happy to do it where it doesn't cause trouble.

But ultimately I didn't get any flexibility from Raphael on anything
that was disputed.  Raphael was not willing to act and Guillem isn't
speaking to me.

If Raphael and Guillem are willing to compromise on anything I'd like
to hear about it.  At the moment their position seems to be that they
are the official maintainers and therefore get to rule by decree.


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