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RE: merging configuration files on update, timeline?

Title: Re: merging configuration files on update, timeline?
De: Guillem JoverEnviado el: lun 10/03/2008 21:02
Para: debian-dpkgAsunto: Re: merging configuration files on update, timeline?
> There are lots of patches for this in the BTS and I looking
> at the needs of users and package tools of other
> distributions I think we are pretty much lagging behind with
> this. This is not meant as a rant if it sounds like...
> Just wanted to know, what priority does this feature have
> for you?

Sean Finney has been working on an implementation, it needs review,
but I'd like to get it merged for lenny.

And what about something similar for the Kernel. When the newbie has to replace an old kernel by a new one, there is a lot of risks, specially Kernel panic. I would like to see a tool to replace the kernel, protecting the configuration files (use ">>" instead of ">" )  and stablish a roll-back feature (to return to the old kernel if there is a problem). It could be add in freedesktop.org environments adding a "Roll-back to the previous kernel" icon for the root).
I would also add a feature to search *.deb packages (and dependencies) in the web ( in the Debian web and mirrors), so the user can click to download the *.deb files (this is usefull when one has broken packages in Debian, cannot install the modem drivers and programs - to connect to the Internet- and has to use other OS box - with Internet connection - to download the packages).

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