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Re: angle brackets in po files

On Sun, Mar 09, 2008 at 01:11:28PM +0000, Ian Jackson wrote:
> One of the things I had to do to get 1.15.0 to build was this:
> diff --git a/man/po/sv.po b/man/po/sv.po$
> index 080fe29..e6c9583 100644$
> --- a/man/po/sv.po$
> +++ b/man/po/sv.po$
> @@ -11631,7 +11631,7 @@ msgstr ""$
> -"kommandot (I<anvM-CM-$ndare>B<:>I<grupp). Om du anger en anvM-CM-$ndare utan att "$
> +"kommandot (I<anvM-CM-$ndare>B<:>I<grupp>). Om du anger en anvM-CM-$ndare utan att "$
> Now it is definitely the case that the old text was wrong and the new
> text was correct.
> But is it really true that mismatched angle brackets aren't allowed in
> po files ?  I got an error complaining about the mismatch from an i18n
> processor.  (Sadly I forgot to keep a copy of the error mesage.)

It's failing on the buildds with:
po4a --no-backups --variable srcdir=../../man \
../../man/dpkg.1:48: (po4a::man)
               Unknown '<' or '>' sequence. Faulty message: \fBdpkg\fP
               verwaltet einige n?tzliche Informationen ?ber verf?gbare
               Pakete. Die
               Informationen sind in drei Klassen unterteilt: \fBStatus\fP,
               und \fBSchalter\fP. Diese Werte sind Haupts?chlich zur
               ?nderung durch
               \fBdselect\fP gedacht.


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