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Re: git bikeshedding (Re: triggers in dpkg, and dpkg maintenance)

Ian Jackson <ian@davenant.greenend.org.uk> writes:

> Raphael Hertzog writes ("Re: git bikeshedding (Re: triggers in dpkg, and dpkg maintenance)"):
>> As soon as you edit commits, they'll get a new id, and thus you'll disrupt
>> merging. 
> As I thought.
> What I am trying to achieve is to use git in the proper way: that is,
> in a way which makes merging work properly.
> Insisting that I use git in a manner which makes merges break but
> gives prettier logfiles is absurd.

That's why you should avoid using the branch as basis to others until
it's clean and also avoid to make it public (without a reason) too.

Usually, I make branches public when my log looks sane.

And it's not absurd, is to allow everyone to be kept sane when looking
the log in 5 years forward.

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