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Re: triggers in dpkg, and dpkg maintenance

Mike Bird writes ("Re: triggers in dpkg, and dpkg maintenance"):
> On Sun February 24 2008 06:34:44 Ian Jackson wrote:
> > My bugfixes for #281057 and #432893, and my implementation of `Breaks'
> > support in dselect, are outstanding too, since early November.
> For those like me with short memories, would you mind (re-)posting links to
> the specs for Triggers and Breaks and any other features you're suggesting.

These aren't features I'm suggesting; they've already been proposed,
designed, discussed and implemented.

The spec for Breaks: is here
(yes, 1997!).  The implementation has already been merged into lenny's
dpkg, apt and aptitutude but it is unfortunately not practical to use
it in lenny, so the relevant packaging manuals have not yet been
updated.  The only thing which is missing is the (almost trivial)
change to dselect, which it is imperative that we include in lenny.

The spec for triggers as implemented is here:
and also in my dpkg git tree's doc subdirectory.


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