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Re: ebuild

Hi Ciol!

[ This question is IMHO better suited for debian-user@l.d.o ]

Am Sonntag, den 10.02.2008, 12:18 +0100 schrieb ciol:
> Hi, do you know it it exists something that allows to create .deb 
> packages from ebuilds (or others files that looks like ebuilds)?

It's been some time since I last been deeper into Gentoo but I spoke
with a Gentoo developer today. He doesn't know of such a tool either but
Gentoo uses some functions in ebuilds which are quite like debhelper and
friends. We both think it's possible to convert an ebuild into a Debian
source package (.orig.tar.gz + .diff.gz) with some effort. You would
need to build the .deb(s) using the Debian build tools because ebuilds
are just a "build instruction" similar to debian/rules, so you don't
have binaries you can use (in contrast to convert RPM into .deb).

That obviously would just produce something that maybe compiles (and
even works); nevertheless I doubt that one gets good quality packages
out of it.

> Can dpkg manages other package formats than .deb?

I'm just a dpkg user but AFAIK it can't.

Best regards

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