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Dpkg testsuite redux

Hi guys!

    I've been inactive for quite a long time, then became kind of active
again a couple of months ago. I have been working almost exclusively on
dhelp, and now I'd like to try and go back to work on the dpkg testsuite.

    I assume nothing dpkg-test-related has happened so far (at least not
much). I still have my proposal at http://www.demiurgo.org/darcs/testsuite/ ,
that I think it's a useful proof of concept of how the testsuite could look
like. I can write a bit about it if you're interested, or prepare an IRC
"talk" or whatever you want.

    The important thing that I didn't know how to solve was the functional
testing (black box testing) for dpkg as a program (as opposed to testing the
modules independently). After a quick look at the Ubuntu testing framework,
I'm not sure if that would help me, as it seems that the virtual system used
as testbed is only created once per package, and I need something more like
once per group of tests (ideally once per test, but that's probably too much).

    So, is there interest?


Esteban Manchado Velázquez <zoso@debian.org>
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