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package problem

I'm using the stable distribution and it works well. Yesterday I
installed a package and found it has a bug. As someone said the bug
has been solved in the newer version, I went to the debian package web
site and downloaded a new version deb package from the testing
I tried to install it with "dpkg -i" and as I expected the
installation failed because of the version unmatching of lots of
packages it depends on. But unexpectedly, the older version of the
package doesn't work any more. I tried to reinstall the older version
with apt-get but it complains that the dependency don't match. It
seems that the newer version from the testing distribution has
replaced the older one from the stable distribution. So my question
1. How can I roll back to the old version from the stable distribution?
2. If I have to build the newer version from source code by myself, is
there an easy way to do this? Because the newer version package
requires lost of other newer version packages, building all of them
seems to be a tough work.
Thanks in advance.

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