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Re: package problem

  This sort of question should probably be directed to the debian-user

On Fri, Nov 23, 2007 at 08:00:19AM +0800, ray <hantechs@gmail.com> was heard to say:
> I'm using the stable distribution and it works well. Yesterday I
> installed a package and found it has a bug. As someone said the bug
> has been solved in the newer version, I went to the debian package web
> site and downloaded a new version deb package from the testing
> distribution.
> I tried to install it with "dpkg -i" and as I expected the
> installation failed because of the version unmatching of lots of
> packages it depends on. But unexpectedly, the older version of the
> package doesn't work any more.

  That's because only one version of a package can be installed at a
time.  Upgrading a package overwrites the old version.

> I tried to reinstall the older version
> with apt-get but it complains that the dependency don't match. It
> seems that the newer version from the testing distribution has
> replaced the older one from the stable distribution. So my question
> are:
> 1. How can I roll back to the old version from the stable distribution?

  Run "apt-get install package/stable", or download the package from the
Debian Web site and install it with "dpkg -i".

> 2. If I have to build the newer version from source code by myself, is
> there an easy way to do this? Because the newer version package
> requires lost of other newer version packages, building all of them
> seems to be a tough work.

  Yes, backporting packages to stable is often a tricky process.  You
could try http://www.backports.org and see if someone has done the work
for you already.


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