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Re: dpkg patch


On Fri, 02 Nov 2007, Ryan Lortie wrote:
> +    - list files (eg: '.git' or '.bzr') one per line to debian/tarignore
> +      for dpkg-source -b to exclude them from the tarball
> +    - list regexps one per line to debian/diffignore for dpkg-source -b
> +      to exclude them from the diff
> +      - lines starting with '#' are comments
> +      - blank lines ignored
> +      - empty file means to use the default (same as '-i' on command line)

It seems strange to handle tarignore and diffignore differently for blank
lines and comments...

> +        } elsif ($! != ENOENT) {
> +            &syserr(_g("unable to check for existence of `$dirname/debian/tarignore"));

If you translate a string, you must not put variables in it. You should
use sprintf(".... %s/debian/tarignore", $dirname) instead... also it's
usally a good idea to include the real error message when you fail.

And your patch doesn't seem to be based on the latest dpkg version. There
are some changes in the latest dpkg-source that don't appear here.

I'm not opposed to the inclusion of this functionnality (although I don't
have the final word on the question), but to get it merged, you should
document the changes of behaviour in the dpkg-source manual page.

Raphaël Hertzog

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