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Re: Why isn't the merge patch being merged?

> On the other hand, it might be that a 2-way merge is not what we're
> looking for. It's certainly better than nothing but OTOH it would be 2
> times better if we could have 3-way merge so that we can even add a new
> option --force-confmerge that tries automatically a 3-way merge and that
> falls back to the usual behaviour --force-conf{new,old,def} if the merge
> process failed.

The 3-way merging will have to be manually cheked anyway, as it has
quite realistic potential for creating broken configurations (when
things have been moved around inside the conffile.)

> But it requires more extensive changes as we need to keep a copy of the
> conffiles as shippped by the previous version of the package.
> Jarno, would you be interested to work on that?

I might be interested in writing a nice UI tool for it, like I did for the
two-way merge (imediff2), but since I'm not a Debian developer anymore and
have already had tough time with getting this patch accepted, for example,
I will not negotiate the conffile storage scheme on the developer lists.

- Jarno

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