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Re: [PATCH] New Dpkg::Deps module to replace parsedep() and showdep()

Quoting Raphael Hertzog (hertzog@debian.org):

> (I have the feeling we already require translation of too many strings
> that users won't never see)


The dpkg POT file is, ahem, scary.

Frank objects that translators may choose what they translate and what
they don't. However, most of us have really no clue whether a given
string is an important message, a regular message, a random error
message, or an obscure debug string.

And, anyway, there's a kind of physical tendency for translators to
alway target 100% (I'm personnally one of the illest ppl wrt this...).

What would be nice is *separating* the messages in different PO files
so that existing (and usually complete) translations aren't lost while
the new translators can easily prioritize their work on the most
common messages.

I'm not entirely sure whether that would be possible with gettext,

I'm also in favor of completely dropping i18n for debug strings.

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