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installing dpkg in non-debian

Hi all,

Any way to use dpkg in non-debian?

I've installed dpkg to non-debian from source code,
and ran

# dpkg -i xxx_arm.deb

then, I got the following error:

dpkg: failed to open package info file `/usr/local/var/dpkg/status' for reading: No such file or directory

So I searched the file but couldn't find.
And after surveying I found it does not work with only dpkg in non-debian.

There is currently no packaging tool like apt in the system.
I installed dpkg from source codes and it's not debian nor any distro.

Distro : N/A
Installing dpkg_1.13.25.tar.gz from http://packages.debian.org/etch/dpkg

I'd like to know
what to install additionally with dpkg packages
in order to use the dpkg (e.g. # dpkg -i xxx.deb) properly.
any other way to use apt in non-linux

Please advise me, anyone who's ever ported debian to non-debian.

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