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Re: For dpkg translators: new git instructions

On Wed, 10 Oct 2007, Otavio Salvador wrote:
> Peter Karlsson <peter@softwolves.pp.se> writes:
> > Raphael Hertzog:
> >
> >> Please understand that this is not useful historical information and
> >> as such we'd like to avoid seeing it. We want a single "Update Polish
> >> translations" instead of 10 similar commits.
> >
> > Would doing the incremental updates on a branch and merging it with
> > "git merge --squash" achieve the same effect, or would that still
> > clutter the repository?
> Yes, it does exacly the same thing.

Please explain your answer if you're going to be affirmative so quickly.
Because it really depends on the workflow. We're speaking of "translators"
here, you can't expect them to figure out the details alone.

They usually do their translation in their local "master" branch and
pull/merge from "origin/master".

Doing "git merge --squash origin/master" will create serious troubles IMO.

However, if they do their translations in a local branch "mytranslation"
and then move to the master branch and use "git merge --squash
mytranslation" then it's most probably ok, because they reduce the several
unmerged commits to uncommited changes in the master branch that are now
ready to commit. But then they must wipe out their "mytranslation"
branch and start over (or rebase it or whatever).

But I think that this is not a sustainable workflow for translators. They
are not used to handle multiple branches and it's complicated enough

Raphaël Hertzog

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