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Re: world domination

> With control files being one as described earlier, there is no need to
| have it inside another archive. Place it first and every streaming
> archiver will extract if with no overhead in pre installation phase.
> Thus no need of internal structure of deb file, except root fs layout
|> (with one move of control file to its destination after unpacking, if
> necessary).
| Old tools doesn't recognize new file name, yet information
> available about what's inside. New tools will handle all nicely.
> Think thousand years ahead: no `ar' in binutils, eu-utils or any other
> place in the Universe, yet information is available, if package name is
> OK. Even if it's not, one can try everything available to get into
> inside. Once inside, there's nothing more than needed content.

I saw dpkg sources and wonder about all that "thousand registered
developers" successful stories. How many of them actually care about
Debian's basic tools, infrastructure design, hm? How many care about
efficiency at all? Building and running software distribution
successfully is just another step.

What to use to form package format? We must care and make policy, etc.,


Have package format as described and maintainer (not necessary DD, BTW)
will compress it as needed. Eventually users (fed back by bug reports)
or future will agree on what's more appropriate ATM.

RPM support? Add our small config script, please, and we will add
rpm->c(pio).deb mapping in our packaging tool config file. Thanks.

Em-debian, Me-debian, Muu-debian or ...? No! Why not to try to doing

I don't know about multi-arch problem, but why not to let developers to
develop basic packaging tools for themselves? Having shell as base for
config files let them to so. Only interface is a question. I won't argue
about initramfs-tools example and how they screwed up their design there.

Interface is as easy as placing appropriate functions in config file
script. Actual package info sub script must have all its tokens set up,
of course. I guess, it will be useful for apt and the like also.

Here's place for "geloiwa: gnu establishing loose order i want"
(or "Please, clean up your room, honey." :) again.

In case these ideas are just non applicable crap or just too stupid, i
will try to create something for my self and call it Mad (after Madonna)
or Who (guess after what), who cares anyway.

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