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Re: dpkg flex-based status file parser, for 35% speedup

> Why gzip/bzip2/ar should become broken suddenly?

And what if world domination will come suddenly?

Heh. Proposition to change debian package format toward efficiency.

Change suffix to match archiver format:

".a.deb" - ar
".t.deb" - tar
".r.deb" - rar (GPL3000)
".z.deb" - zip (open source, free, Free, Super Free :)
".e.deb" - executable by a kernel
".X.deb" - foo bar

With control files being one as described earlier, there is no need to
have it side another archive. Place it first and every streaming
archiver will extract if with no overhead in pre installation phase.

Thus no need of internal structure of deb file, except root fs layout
(with one move of control file to it's destination after unpacking, if

Old tools don't recognize new file name, yet information
available about what's inside. New tools will handle all nicely.

Think thousand years ahead: no `ar' in binutils, eu-utils or any other
place in the Universe, yet information is available, if package name is
OK. Even if it's not, one can try everything available to get into
inside. Once inside, there's nothing more than needed content.

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