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Re: migrating dpkg-cross diversions into dpkg-dev (was Dependencies on shared libs)


On Thu, 23 Aug 2007, Neil Williams wrote:
> The second stage is to replace the dpkg-shlibdeps diversion too. It has
> to identify the shared dependencies of a foreign binary, then look up
> the packages that provide those. It needs updating because it is
> currently somewhere around dpkg-dev 1.10. The standard dpkg method has
> to be adapted for cross-building because you can't read the binaries
> normally.

If dpkg-cross can depend on binutils-multiarch, then dpkg-shlibdeps needs
no modification to be able to read binaries.

Furthermore it's already smart enough to ignore libraries which are
incompatible (another type reported by objdump -a).

> Alternatively, dpkg-shlibdeps could do the complete job and check the
> alternative dpkg data itself when in cross-compiling mode.

We could detect that cross-compiling mode simply because the analyzed
binaries do not match the host binaries.

How is $crossroot supposed to be defined ?

How can we map the elf type to the archtriplet ?

> It's tricky because the actual .so objects came from libfoo-arm-cross_
> $version_all.deb but we need to create a dependency on libfoo_
> $version_arm.deb, whilst on amd64, i386 or powerpc :-) 

We don't care the name of the package, what we care is what's in the
*.shlibs or *.symbols files. So if you keep those files intact, you're

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