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Re: Coding style and whitespace

Guillem Jover writes ("Re: Coding style and whitespace"):
> Personally I value consistency, readability and minimization of diff
> size. So I'd really like to unify the style to something ressembling
> the Linux CodingStyle. What do others think?

I think you should leave it alone, except that:

* In some of the code I foolishly used a longer maximum line length
  than 79.  (There are reasons to use more - eg, tables, or the like -
  but the currently code overflows 80 too often.)

* Some of the new code and changes made, over the years, haven't
  followed the existing style so there are bits where it's

> The reason I've done that is because I find the current coding style
> inconsistent and too packed, it cannot breath, variable and type names
> massively abbreviated and missing underscores, missing blank lines
> delimiting blocks, missing spaces between operators, missing spaces
> after commas, multiple statements on the same line, two spaces for
> indentation, etc. This makes the eyes to get tired soon.

This is a matter of taste.  Personally I find that pixels are
expensive and I'd rather use them to convey information.  Using a
compact style allows more of the code to be on-screen at once, which
IME greatly eases comprehension.

I think it is rude to simply reformat someone else's code over a
matter of taste and I will be offended if you do so.


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