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Re: tab/space formatting in some {src,lib}/*.c

On the 26th of June I wrote:
> Particularly in the context of my forthcoming implementation of
> Breaks, I'd like to ask whether the dpkg maintainers would mind
> terribly if I ran `expand -t2' on these files:
>    lib/showpkg.c
>    lib/tarfn.c
>    src/configure.c
>    src/archives.c (function quote_filename only)
> Ian.
> (who is betting that this mail will generate a longer thread than the
>  one about introducing a new kind of edge into the dependency graph.)

It turned out that I was wrong.  My patch, supplied in #375711, has
not been applied and I have had no reply of any kind.

Could this patch please be applied so that we don't have stupid
whitespace problems when doing merges ?


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