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Re: Next upload 2007-05-03 (dpkg 1.14.0)

Guillem Jover writes ("Next upload 2007-05-03 (dpkg 1.14.0)"):
> The other issue is with update-alternatives, due to some code
> refactoring, it now will exit 1, when asked to do actions on
> non-existing link-groups. I think this behaviour is more correct than
> the previous one. So I'll be filing a bug report against
> dictionaries-common, which is the only package I've stumbled upon
> failing on this. I could "fix" this somehow if people think this
> change is not acceptable.

I'm not sure I follow.  What do you mean by a link group being
`nonexisting' ?  In my view a link group exists iff there is any
alternative providing it, but thus it can only be said to exist at a
particular time on a particular system.

Which particular operations does dictionaries-common do that you are
going to make fail ?


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