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Next upload 2007-05-03 (dpkg 1.14.0)


I've been delaying this upload for too long, and there's no excuse now
like that we are on freeze ;).

So there's two items from the TODO list that are going to have to wait,
probably until next revision (the Tag field and native udeb support),
I'll send another mail about that later tomorrow).

The only remaning item is the armel support which implied some
redesign of the internal architecture handling. I'm still not
satisfied but I think it's cleaner than before. And it can be
fixed/improved in the future anyway. I'm polishing the patch, testing
and fixing some warnings, will commit tomorrow.

With this upload the perl scripts might start spewing few warnings, as
all of them have been switched to strict and warnings. I've been running
with the code for some time, but I don't think I've been able to run all
code paths.

The other issue is with update-alternatives, due to some code
refactoring, it now will exit 1, when asked to do actions on
non-existing link-groups. I think this behaviour is more correct than
the previous one. So I'll be filing a bug report against
dictionaries-common, which is the only package I've stumbled upon
failing on this. I could "fix" this somehow if people think this
change is not acceptable.


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