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Re: Autopkgtest documentation?

Esteban Manchado Velázquez writes ("Autopkgtest documentation?"):
>     I know this is not entirely on-topic, but I don't know if there are any
> other channels to ask these questions. If there are any, please point them.

You are of course free to mail me personally.  I'm listed as the
Maintainer for the package in Debian and of course I'm responsible for
it in Ubuntu too.

>     So, my questions are: is there any more documentation, apart from the
> Wiki?

No, I'm afraid not.  I will be transferring the wiki to a file in the
package at some point, since having it in a wiki page makes it hard to
update at the same time as the code.

> Are there any real examples of packages using it?

Just `mawk' as an example case at the moment I'm afraid.

>  Should the packages
> depend or otherwise declare a relationship with autodpkgtest?

Definitely not.


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