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Autopkgtest documentation?


    I know this is not entirely on-topic, but I don't know if there are any
other channels to ask these questions. If there are any, please point them.

    I'm having a look at Ubuntu's automated testing framework, not only
because of Ian's request of keeping the dpkg testing framework compatible with
it, but also because I have realized that for making "interesting" (read
"useful") functional tests, I will need some infrastructure... already present
in Ubuntu's framework. Thus, my current plan is keeping the current work for
unit testing, and leave all functional testing to the Ubuntu testing
framework. Of course, any ideas and comments welcome!

    I have read https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AutomatedTesting, and I think I
basically undertand everything. Now I have a general idea of how the framework
works, but I'm currently looking for examples and more concrete documentation
or tutorials. I'm just not sure of many details, and would also like to see
some examples, to see what the best practices are.

    So, my questions are: is there any more documentation, apart from the
Wiki? Are there any real examples of packages using it? Should the packages
depend or otherwise declare a relationship with autodpkgtest?


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