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Re: dpkg clone in perl?

Harald Dunkel writes ("Re: dpkg clone in perl?"):
> So either dpkg needs some cleanup, or I need some other
> code, e.g. a dpkg Perl module. Thats why I have asked.

Cleanup sounds like the right idea to me.

> AFAICS the buffered IO in extract.c could be replaced by
> unbuffered IO, since dpkg has its own buffering scheme
> (at least for dpkg 1.13.21). I would like to contribute
> this to Debian, but I am not a DD yet, and there might
> be many questions about the internals of dpkg, too.

That buffering code wasn't written by me and I don't have a high
opinion of it.  IMO it should be ripped out.  You could try dpkg 1.4.x
and see if that works for you :-).


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