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Re: dpkg clone in perl?

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Hi Ian,

I am using dpkg as a general scheme to install, update,
and remove binary modules in an arbitrary destination
directory. One of the extensions I did is reading a
remote *.deb file via http and extract it on the fly.

Using glibc there is no problem with this, but on SunOS
dpkg seems to get confused about the mixed buffered and
unbuffered I/O.

So either dpkg needs some cleanup, or I need some other
code, e.g. a dpkg Perl module. Thats why I have asked.

AFAICS the buffered IO in extract.c could be replaced by
unbuffered IO, since dpkg has its own buffering scheme
(at least for dpkg 1.13.21). I would like to contribute
this to Debian, but I am not a DD yet, and there might
be many questions about the internals of dpkg, too.

Is there any interest?


Ian Jackson wrote:
> Harald Dunkel writes ("dpkg clone in perl?"):
>> Does anybody know a dpkg clone written in Perl?
> Why do you want that ?  (If you're really brave you could dig out the
> old Perl version of dpkg which predates the current C version, but
> that's not likely to solve whatever your real problem is.)
> Ian.
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