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#225882 - dselect: Some packages missing from list



This report brings up some interesting questions.

Does Debian support (as in willing to track down bugs resulting from) 
the use of stable, testing, unstable, and experimental in one 
sources.list file?

The packages mentioned were in the stable release of the day and not in 
testing/unstable, but no one ever asked which other packages were 
missing or how APT saw the situation (i.e., the output of "apt-cache 
policy", "apt-cache dumpavail", or a diff of apt-cache's dump and 
dumpavail commands)... it is practically (maybe even actually) 
impossible today to get the "moreinfo" needed to better understand what 
was happenning. Is it appropriate to close an old bug which with 
hindsight should have been tagged "moreinfo" when that info is unlikely 
to be available today?

[I have closed ancient bugs (6-8yrs old) for that reason, but this one 
hasn't even seen its 3rd birthday yet and the packages are still in 

The easiest thing to do is simply reassign the bug since the update 
method most likely used is part of the APT package, although that was 
never explicitly confirmed and a different update method may well have 
resulted in what was seen. Is it appropriate to punt a bug off to 
another package: based on a reasonable assumption? after almost three 
years? when it is unlikely the other package's maintainers will be able 
to sort things out?

Personally, I would answer those five questions: no, yes, maybe, no, yes 
(but it is not a nice thing to do)... and be -done with it because the 
most likely cause was APT's policy during a "dumpavail" resulting in 
the missing packages being left out of the available file passed onto 
dselect---so, either not really a bug or a weird side effect of having 
all available archives in the sources.list file.

- Bruce

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