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Recent flow of dependency handling bugs

There have been a few reports from me recently about bugs in the
dependency handling systems.  This is not that surprising given that
it's the first time I have looked at this code seriously since at
least 1996, and I don't think many other people have either.

I'm spotting these things as I read the code to understand it prior to
actually implementing Breaks.  And, because I'm going to end up
refactoring bits of this code somewhat so that the new functionality
doesn't duplicate too much code, it seems very likely that many of
these bugs will be fixed in my Breaks patch, in a way that's not
really possible to extract separately.

With my Ubuntu hat on I don't have an opinion about when those
changes should be deployed in Debian; I'm expecting to deploy them in
Ubuntu in edgy (the current WIP release).

But I did want to draw your attention to them so that if you think I'm
mistaken about the desired behaviour, or think that fixing these bugs
would be disruptive, you can get a chance to stop me entangling
undesirable changes with the desirable new Breaks feature.

There have been a handful of these bug reports today (eg, #377855,
#377860, #378003) and will probably be a few more over the course of
the week.  Note also that I don't promise to fix all of the bugs I'm
reporting :-).


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