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Breaks is going to be implemented

At the Ubuntu meeting in France[1] we agreed that we (well, I) will
implement Breaks in dpkg in Ubuntu.  I trust that this meets with
the approval of everyone here.

The full plan for the Ubuntu deployment is here
including references to the semantic specification (which is from
October 1997).

I think a similar plan would apply well to Debian and I'll be feeding
the changes to Debian via the BTS in the usual way.  In particular, I
will do step (1), making dpkg reject packages which say Breaks:,

Are there any people with extensive outstanding patches to dpkg
including particularly dependency algorithm changes ?  I ask because
the Breaks patch is likely to be quite large and I want to avoid


[1] People say the conference was in Paris but actually it was in a
desolate outpost of Airportland vaguely near Charles de Gaulle.

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