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tab/space formatting in some {src,lib}/*.c

Particularly in the context of my forthcoming implementation of
Breaks, I'd like to ask whether the dpkg maintainers would mind
terribly if I ran `expand -t2' on these files:
   src/archives.c (function quote_filename only)

These are part of dpkg proper and appear to have had the indenting
changed compared to the other files, for no particularly good reason,
and it's annoying to have to keep switching between different
indenting styles or setting tab-width in Emacs, etc.

The whole codebase should have one style IMO; I don't mind too much
that (eg) start-stop-daemon.c uses a different indent width - although
I'd prefer it to be my way, of course :-) - but for the sources to
dpkg itself we should be consistent.

(who is betting that this mail will generate a longer thread than the
 one about introducing a new kind of edge into the dependency graph.)

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