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Re: Secret changes for binNMUs

On Fri, 25 Nov 2005, Nathanael Nerode wrote:
> OK.  So I was working on the problem of fixing dpkg-dev so that
> foo Depends: foo-data {SourceVersion}, foo-libs {BinaryVersion}
> or something similar actually works.  By parsing the version numbers.

I'd very much like debhelper or dpkg-* to give us another variable that
points to the parent version [changelog-wise] when bin NMUs are done, and to
the current version [changelog-wise] otherwise.

Meanwhile, I am using this: unversioned depends and two conflicts: (<<
{Upstream-Version}), (>= {Upstream-Version}.1).

BinNMUs won't break compatibility between arch any and arch all in any of my
packages, and debian revisions breaking them are rare enough that I will
track that by hand, so the above is enough (although far from ideal).

> So how do we write a package Depends: line now?  Apparently the buildd uses 
> the original source,

See above.  We had that problem already, but now we will have to deploy a
real solution instead of hacks.  Ain't that nice? :-)

Does anyone have any idea on how to detect if a currently running buind is a
bin NMU or not?

> and adds a changelog entry -- *but what happens to the {SourceVersion} 
> substitution?*  Does the buildd
> alter the substvars file before compiling?  Does the {SourceVersion} 

I bet it works in the simplest way possible, i.e. it is set to the latest
changelog entry: the binNMU version.

> substitution end up being the original 1.2-3 source version, or the 
> 1.2-3+b4 version?  Whichever it ends up being, *how do we get the other 
> one* if we need it?

We really need another substvar with different semantics.

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