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Re: Secret changes for binNMUs


OK.  So I was working on the problem of fixing dpkg-dev so that

foo Depends: foo-data {SourceVersion}, foo-libs {BinaryVersion}

or something similar actually works.  By parsing the version numbers.

Now it's apparently been changed under our noses, in such a way that my proposed scheme won't work -- and furthermore anyone who implemented their own version
of such code, in their own package, will find it magically broken.

Thanks to Goswin and Henrique for *notifying* people of this, since
apparently whoever changed it didn't think about the impacts on other developers.

 Instead binNMU versions are now made by adding +b1 (+b2, +b3) to the
 version and containing a "Source: foo (non-NMU version)" line. The
 later makes it possible to reliable associate binNMUs with their

So how do we write a package Depends: line now? Apparently the buildd uses the original source, and adds a changelog entry -- *but what happens to the {SourceVersion} substitution?* Does the buildd alter the substvars file before compiling? Does the {SourceVersion} substitution end up being the original 1.2-3 source version, or the 1.2-3+b4 version? Whichever it ends up being, *how do we get the other one* if we need it?

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