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Re: Accepted dpkg 1.13.11 (source i386 all)

Quoting Scott James Remnant (scott@netsplit.com):

> Changes: 
>  dpkg (1.13.11) unstable; urgency=low
>  .
>    The "Good, clean fun" Release.

I have updated my archive, syncing it with yours.

PO files have been synced with the POT.

You should resync with me as it seems that an Indonesian update did
not make it in the former release and, anyway, all PO files are change
in my archive.

Scott, I see very few strings changes currently. Do you plan to make
changes which will trigger string changes in the future? If you don't,
I'll post a call for updates to translators so that we have up-to-date
PO files.

PS: don't forget about my dpkg--man branch with gettext'ed man
pages..:-) (and a non complete build system)

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