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Re: comments/string changes and issues with dpkg's messages

Eddy Petrisor wrote:

> 2) in some languages forms like "3 installed packages", "1
> installed package" and "6 installed packages" need three
> different forms for the word "installed". Thus, the string
> "unhold: upgrade or leave uninstalled" is ambiguous (in
> this case might not be the case - I am not a speaker of
> such a language, so I don't know for sure if exactly this
> situation applies); anyway, such phrasings sould be
> avoided. As a note, this string is also hard to translate
> in Romanian for phrasing reasons, also. (If you are
> wondering about the languages with multpile plural forms,
> I know for sure this is the case for Serbian.)

Isn't there a feature for handling this problem in GNU

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